You may have noticed there’s been an enquiry into practices in the insurance industry, leading to some rather bad publicity.


I haven’t read the full report yet – that will be on my holiday reading list – but I would like to make one simple point.


If you’ve worked with me on your insurance needs, you’ll know I’m not interested in selling you a policy. (Emphasis on the word selling.) Instead, I’m determined to ensure you don’t lose your house because you didn’t plan.


I never cease to be amazed that people will doggedly pay their rates, utility bills and contents insurance – but baulk at protecting the thing that matters most.


What is that ‘thing’? It’s you.


If you don’t look after you, you can’t look after your family, and you won’t be able to keep a roof over their heads. So income protection, accident cover and health cover should all be in the mix as part of your protection plan.


Best of all, we will look at your overall life goals, income and expenses when we recommend insurance – so any cover you receive will fit within your budget.


We’re always happy to review your insurance policies at no charge. Make an appointment.