Financial Adviser Disclosure Statement

Financial Advice Provider Disclosure

Sue Tierney Mortgages Limited and

Sue Tierney Insurances Limited

Financial Advice Providers (FAP)

15th March 2021

Licensing information

Sue Tierney Mortgages Limited (STML) currently holds a transitional license to operate as a FAP and provide a financial advice service in New Zealand. Sue Tierney Insurances Limited (STIL) will operate under the license for STML.

Nature and scope of the advice

STML and STIL provide the financial adviser services described below:

  • Financial Advice
  • Home Loan Services (new home loans, interest rate fixing and loan maintenance etc)
  • Business and Commercial Lending
  • Non-mainstream Lending
  • Personal Insurance (e.g. life insurance, income protection insurance, trauma insurance etc)
  • Business Insurance (e.g. key person insurance, business overheads etc)

Fees or expenses

Analysing the suitability of the provision of products and/or services to you and providing a financial service to you in the form of a Statement of Advice and all associated documentation is given as a service. There is no cost to you for the entire term of the mutually agreed engagement. STML is paid by the lending institution or insurance company in the form of commission, fees, and/or ongoing trail commission.

In the event of early repayment of your home loan(s) or early cancellation of your insurance policy(ies) STML/STIL may invoice you for cost of completing the application.

Occasionally there may be some instances when STML/STIL does not receive any commission, fees, or trail commission. STML/STIL may invoice you for the cost of completing the application and/or facilitating your requirements through to settlement/completion. This will be disclosed at the time of application.

Conflicts of interest

As a provider of professional financial adviser services, STML/STIL and its advisers have an obligation to act in the interests of our clients when making a recommendation. In providing advice to you, should any, actual or potential conflict of interest arise then we undertake to bring any such conflict of interest to your notice so that you may assess our advice objectively.

Complaints handling and dispute resolution

If you have a problem, concern, or complaint about any part of our service, please tell us so that we can try to fix the problem for you using our internal complaints process. If we cannot agree on how to fix the issue, or if you decide not to use the internal complaints scheme, you can contact our Disputes Resolution Scheme; this service will cost you nothing, and will help us resolve any disagreements.

You can contact The IFSO at;

Address:                           P.O Box 10-845, Wellington NZ

Telephone number:       0800 888 202

Email address:       

Duties information

When we give advice, we follow the internationally recognised six-step process:

  1. Establishing the client-adviser relationship
  2. Gathering client data and determining your goals and expectations
  3. Analysing and evaluating the client’s financial position, personal
    and business insurance, home loan situation and retirement planning
  4. Developing and presenting written advice in the form of a Statement of Advice
  5. Overseeing the implementation of the plan
  6. Monitoring and reviewing the plan annually

We must comply with the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advisers and must meet legal duties, standard of competence, knowledge, and skill of the code of conduct. We must also give priority to our clients’ interests, exercise care, diligence and skill and meet the standards of ethical behaviour.

We also have other obligations under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (including regulations made under that Act) and under the general law.

Financial Advice Provider contact details

Sue Tierney Mortgages Limited    FSP 713934

Sue Tierney Insurances Limited    FSP 726495

Suzanna Mihakis-Tierney              FSP 47601


Phone:                 09 914 7555

Mobile:                021 776 222

Bevan McShane                             FSP 113444


Phone:                 09 360 7766

Louise Nicholls                              FSP 694571


Address:                                         Ground floor,24-26 Pollen Street, Ponsonby, Auckland

Mailing Address:                            P. O Box 147 288, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand