You’ve knuckled down and figured out your life goals.  You’ve found a coach or mentor who can help you reach them.  Now all you have to do is stick to the plan.  There will be times when you find it hard to progress.  Life has a habit of throwing up obstacles. When things get sticky you’re going to need some outside assistance.

Step 1. Partner up with someone who’s on the same journey.

That person could be a work colleague, personal friend or someone you’ve met through your coach or mentor.  It probably shouldn’t be your life partner as the personal dynamics can be tricky.  Above all it should be someone who can hold you accountable while you do the same for them.

Step 2. Training in tandem.

When one person is flagging the other person provides perspective and motivation.  This dynamic works for all sorts of activities from training for a marathon to learning a language. Committing to a programme to fulfil your life goals is no different.  Its not just about gritting your teeth and doing the hard yards together.  You and your partner will enjoy plenty of laughs and rewards along the way.

Step 3. Live the dream.

As well as checking in regularly with my mentor Dr Fred Grosse, I Skype once a week with my training partner.  Its a cast iron commitment we both stick to.  When one person is having a tough week chances are the other will be buzzing with vigour.  And we’re both constantly amazed at how much fun we can pack in to our lives.

We know each other’s goals and we hold each other accountable. That’s the power of two.