Many of us are looking forward to the end of a hard year. Its Gorgeous summer weather and I am going to use my spare time to reflect on this past year and what changes can be made to ensure 2011 is the best year yet.

The Xmas and New Year break is always a great time to reflect plan for the future. New Year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions …and unfortunately sometimes broken.

Here are just some of the things we would love you to think about and perhaps plan in your diary’s to review over the coming months. I will be writing on them in detail as the New Year progresses, but I hope this will give you some food for thought in the meantime.

  • On the top of the list as you would expect is money. Money funds life, so..
    Do you have an annual budget?
    Do you know how much you earn?
    If the idea of even trying to start one is too daunting we have provided a very basic one on our website to help you. Just click on Budget to take you to it.
    How can you reduce your expenses and increase your income?
    Can you turn a hobby into a business from home?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your wills?
  • Do you have a power of attorney and if so are they still the most appropriate person for you?
  • What are your life time goals. Is it time to set a savings programme in place to fund these goals?
  • Our Government has made major changes with Family trusts which come into affect in Oct next year. Are you aware of those changes? Is it time to meet with your lawyer and tidy up your affairs? Are your trustees still the most appropriate people or do you need to change them?
  • When did you last review your mortgage, visit your Doctor for a check up, meet your insurance broker for a full review of your insurances?
  • Have you felt that life is slipping by too quickly and you are not achieving the goals you really want. Two great people that have made a difference in my life are: Dr Fred Grosse and Jude Grace . Many of my clients have had mentoring sessions in the last year and we are delighted to see how happy they are. Sometimes having to be accountable to another person can make all the difference
  • What fun activities can you plan with family and friends that don’t break the bank account?

I had an early meeting with clients/friends this morning. They have just returned to NZ after spending the last 6 years in the United States. The latest buzzword around town is “staycations”. Stay at home vacations. I know so many people including myself who are looking forward to pottering around at home, spending time with the kids at the local beach , going for long walks with my dog Bella and just having good quality time with friends and family.

I am also determined to “get with it”. I have been avoiding Facebook , Twitter and Skype for years now, but realise that we must use these tools to ensure we provide you with the best possible help and service that we can, so watch this space….

What is the official cash rate.?

Great news this week was the announcement by the Reserve Bank that The Official cash would remain at 3%. A couple of questions that we are often asked are.

What is it and how does it affect me.?

We thought that the Reserve Bank explanation on their websites may be helpful to you so please just follow this link here.

Reserve bank explanation

Xmas Holidays and our opening hours.

Although our offices will be closed during the public holidays you can reach us for assistance on our mobiles.

For the 1st time in 15 years my sisters are returning home to New Zealand and we will all be descending on my mother in Christchurch for a big fat Greek Christmas. I can’t wait. It’s amazing and a little scary as we get older we pine for some of the memories of our past. My family will start Christmas celebrations with midnight mass at our Greek church. I remember as a child having the fear of god put into me not to burn the fur coat of the lady in front with our candles as we do the circle around the church at midnight.!!!!

Christmas day will no doubt be spent with Ma asking us at least 20 times if we have had enough to eat! I am sure she is determined to fatten up her daughters. There isn’t much chance of that we have our little Greek yiayia’s genes.

Stu will be at home with his family on Waiheke Island fishing as often as he can, and Bevan is planning the traditional Xmas day celebrations at his home followed by a Hangi on Boxing Day ( so if you think you will miss out on Xmas lunch have a talk with him.)

The guys have done an amazing job supporting me over the past 9 years in business and have taken on a lot of the pressure of business in the last year. They are going to have a well deserved break, so I will be on duty to help should you need assistance over the holiday period. You can call me on my mobile

Sue Tierney 021 776222

We trust you will all have a very safe, and happy Christmas and may the New Year bring you all you wish for.

Please take care.

From Stu, Bevan, Sue and of course Bella

Team Sue Tierney mortgages!