Buying property is a goal many people have. I’m lucky to be able to help them achieve it and it’s one of the most satisfying parts of my job.

I’ve also seen the flipside – how relationship break ups can take people backwards. They find themselves dealing with new financial and personal challenges. This can be a critical turning point with the opportunity to take decisions that ensure success in the long term.

So we can all agree that goals are important. The question is how do you find the ones that matter to you? And most importantly, how do you achieve them? Here’s what works for me.

My first suggestion is to write down your goals. This makes them real. It brings them into the foreground of your mind.

But here’s where I depart from the accepted wisdom. Don’t pin your list of goals to the wall and focus on them. Put the list away. Then write a new list in a few months’ time. And keep on writing new lists.

Over time you’ll find that certain themes emerge. And one day – bingo! You’ll know its time to act on that desire that keeps manifesting itself.

I had to laugh when talking to a client recently about this. I pulled out my diary from 10 years ago and checked an old list of goals. There they were – visit Bhutan and learn to plan the piano. Well, last year I went to Bhutan and this year I started piano lessons with a lovely 23 year old who has to listen to my fumbled renditions of Jingle Bells. I have no natural talent for the instrument but I’ve always had the desire and 2016 is the year when I’m acting on it.

By writing regular lists but not being too rigid about time frames we can free ourselves up. It stretches us to try things we can’t currently do but takes away the grim determination that sometimes gets in the way.

Growth is fun. Goals are fun. So make sure you have fun achieving them.

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