It’s been a proper summer break. I enjoyed a relaxing staycation, catching up on excellent Netflix documentaries such as ‘Dirty Money.’ Louise also had a stay-at-home summer, while Bevan took a good long break with his family. Vanessa went camping with hers.

Now we’re all back – and so are the first homebuyers.

As you know, they’re absolutely vital to the property market. No one can move up the property ladder if there aren’t new homeowners getting onto the bottom rung. 2018 has seen a rash of mortgage applications from young buyers, and it’s interesting to speculate why this might be.

Here’s my take. The government has very little to do with it, and neither does the so-called property cycle. What has changed since late 2017 is the easing of Reserve Bank rules. These mean that banks can only place a small portion of their lending with borrowers who need loans over 80% of the property’s value.

Until recently, only 10% of loans were allowed in this low deposit category. Now the Reserve Bank has relaxed the chokehold slightly – to 15%.

It’s a small tweak, and in my opinion it only makes a tiny difference. The real change is that house-hunters took a break from the market last year while they waited to see how things would pan out. Many took the opportunity to save hard and get their finances into good shape. Now they’ve decided to jump in and buy that long-awaited first home.

So it’s been a busy first month processing loan applications, and now it’s time to take off. When you read this, I will buzzing from my Sydney catch-up with Dr Fred Grosse. Four times a year, I join a group seminar that helps us all stay focused on getting the most from our lives. It’s the most effective way I know of staying on track to achieve your goals.

But enough about me! I’m keen to hear what’s happening in your life. What would you like me to cover in this newsletter in 2018?

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