The festive season. A time to send out party invites, uncork the champagne, dine on delicious food, and shower those we love with expensive goodies.


All good fun but it comes at a price.


I’ve been thinking about this, not because I’m a Grinch – far from it! But when the family finances come under pressure, so do family relationships. The different ways you and your partner handle money can add to the strains of life, even before you add Christmas to the mix.


In my decades as a mortgage broker I’ve seen it all. From clients who get themselves into huge financial messes because they don’t understand how money works, to those who obsessively track every dollar.


You don’t want to be at either end of the spectrum here. Ideally, you want a life packed with good things but free of financial worries. And the key to this is a thoughtfully put together budget.


This is tricky territory when you and your partner have different attitudes towards money. If one of you is the easy-come, easy-go type, while the other frets about debt, then you are not equipped to have a cool-headed discussion about it. And it’s no good if one partner hands full control of finances to the other – that’s just storing up future problems.


You have to talk about it. Alternatively, you could talk to us.


Vanessa and I have developed a unique Budgeting Tool to work through all the issues. It covers your ongoing expenses, including money for hobbies and fun stuff, while paying down debt (including your mortgage).


We’re more than happy to take you through this process at no cost. We just want to see you on top of your finances, and on the path to being debt-free.


Join us on a one-day course to master your finances.


I would like to invite you to a one-day seminar early next year to set yourself up for a great year. Seats are limited so let me know if you’d like to take part.


Christmas may be the season for budget blowouts but let’s make sure you’re set up for a brilliant 2019.


Would you like to work with Sue to get the most from your money and achieve your life goals. Get in touch.