Did you know you can fix your life insurance premiums so you pay the same amount every year until the age of 80?

Imagine paying the same premium for 30 or 40 years. It could be an absolute bargain if you took out insurance in your early 20s. You’ll get the cover you need, and a few decades of inflation later, you’ll be paying peanuts for it.

So do we recommend this for all our clients? No, we don’t.

These policies costs more early on, so they may not be affordable for everyone at every life stage. While some of my clients end up getting dirt-cheap cover years down the track, others may not need much life cover in old age. Perhaps they’re on track to be debt-free earlier, so they won’t need a mortgage backed by life insurance. They’ll end up cancelling the policy just when it becomes really cheap.

It all depends on your circumstances and personal goals. Insurance has to be considered in the context of your mortgage and life plans, so it pays to look at the bigger picture.

We’ll take the time to fully understand we’re you’re at (and where you’re headed), and only then will we recommend a policy.

Even one that costs peanuts in the long term.


I’m always happy to review your insurance policies at no charge. Make an appointment.