What are special events? They’re the life-changing moments, like becoming a parent, starting a new job or getting married. They can also be less happy times like ending a relationship or seeing someone close to you die.

Special events are important for insurance policyholders, because many companies allow you to increase your cover without extra paperwork or medical checks. They give you the chance to bump up cover when you need it most.

Facebook is great for sharing good news, like weddings, babies, new jobs and kids starting Uni. We love seeing these happy events, because they provide an easy way to adjust insurance outside your annual review. But if we don’t know what’s happening, we can’t help you take advantage of the opportunity to increase your life, trauma, progressive care or total permanent disability cover. So make sure you keep us in the loop.

Please add us to Facebook – there’s a link below. And keep us in the picture when something big happens in your life. It could provide the perfect opportunity to ramp up your cover without the hassle of extra tests or paperwork.

 We’re always happy to review your insurance policies at no charge