I’m not talking about house and contents insurance. I’m referring to the insurance that protects your ability to earn a living.

Health and income protection insurance should be the priority if you’re providing for your family or taking on a big financial commitment such as a mortgage. All too often, clients take out pet insurance to cover vet bills but forget about the most important person in the household.

Winter, with its colds and illness, is a gentle reminder that no one is immune from poor health. And you don’t have to be in your sunset years to suffer a cancer diagnosis or heart attack.

Accidents happen as well. A slip-up on a wet path or a mishap on the ski field could take you out of the workforce for months (or forever). Every week I hear of clients who have been struck by something out of the blue. When it happens, the last thing they want is financial stress.

The good news is that cover can be easily arranged. With some smart advice, it can even be highly cost-effective.

Have you reviewed your insurance recently?  If not, make an appointment