Travel insurance is a must-have. It’s on my pre-travel checklist, along with packing my passport and booking Bella in to stay with her favourite auntie.

Even if it’s just a visit to family across the ditch, I firmly believe you should never board an international flight without a good travel policy in your luggage.

Many people think they’ll be okay because of reciprocal entitlements with foreign countries. But if you’re discharged from a Sydney hospital and unable to fly for weeks while you recover, you will be facing hefty expenses. Givealittle is a terrible substitute for a good travel insurance policy.

As you know, I’m big on minimising debt. For a very reasonable premium, you can avoid the risk of a crippling debt caused by misfortune overseas.

So while I don’t offer travel insurance, I reckon it’s one policy you should never skimp on. The world is a wonderful place – make sure you explore it safely in 2018.

Why not start the year by reviewing all your insurances? I’d be happy to take a look at any policies you have and provide a no-obligation opinion.  make an appointment