In last month’s newsletter I mentioned the need for travel insurance. I don’t sell these policies (so I have nothing to gain from promoting them) but I strongly believe you should never leave the country without one in your luggage.

Last month I found out just how important it can be.

Heading to Sydney for a week with my partner, I reminded him several times to arrange travel cover. Eventually I gave up and took out a policy for myself. Then we had a week in the bright lights and sunshine of Sydney. All went well, right up until we were preparing to board the flight back home.

We had cleared Australian customs and immigration and were standing in the tax refund area of the airport when, without the slightest warning, I fainted. An ambulance was called and we were whisked away to the nearest hospital. Our luggage was taken off the plane and we missed our flight.

Thankfully, my fainting spell was not a serious health problem. But we still had to check into a hotel and arrange a new flight at twice the cost. By the time our luggage was tracked down, one night had become two. And then the kicker – a $875 bill for the ambulance.

The total bill came to $3,425 for the hotel, ambulance and new air tickets, all covered by my $46 travel policy. All I can is that I’m thankful it was me who fainted, not my uninsured partner.

This is why travel insurance is a must-have. Many Kiwis don’t bother when travelling to Australia, as hospital costs are covered by the government. But don’t risk a big loss – always travel with insurance!

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