The midwinter blues are real. The calendar confirms it.

We’re now well into June, and Kiwis have returned to work after the last long weekend until October. Unless you’re lucky enough to be planning some fun in the snow or a break somewhere tropical, for most of us, the next four months of winter are often a grind.

It can be hard keeping your spirits up – and focusing on achieving your long-term goals – when the days are wet, dark and cold. So how do you hang onto your passion for life and stay in the best mental shape? Here’s a tip from my mentor Dr Fred Grosse.

Dr Fred tells us to focus on our ‘10s.’ That’s shorthand for the little things we can do to make every day a ‘10 out of 10 day.’

It’s about making time for the simple, life-giving activities that provide pleasure every day. If you love animals, make sure you play with your cat or take the dog for a walk. If you need the endorphin boost of exercise, make the gym a regular habit. Love music? Pick up that guitar, lift the lid on the piano or make sure you get your daily dose via Spotify.

Don’t let anything get in the way. Find time for life’s simple pleasures – whether it’s the humorous tweets from a comedian who makes you smile or a great coffee from your favourite barista.

Your daily 10s shouldn’t cost a lot – in fact they can be free. Most of all, they should be things that are special to you. I personally love cleaning my mountain bike after a muddy weekend ride. (That reminds me – time I got back on it!)

So what are your 10s? Why not write out a list of 10 things you can do on a daily basis?

By making each day a ’10 out of 10 day’ you’ll be building up a store of positive energy to help you find gold in the dark winter months and stay on track to achieving your life goals.

Once your 10s are part of your daily routine it’s time to go to the next level, with fortnightly, six-monthly and annual treats and targets. These can really unlock the magic. I’ll share these insights with you next time.

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