Life expectancy has steadily increased for the last few decades. In New Zealand we can now expect to live into our 80s as a matter of course and many will live longer.

There are also many more treatments available to keep us alive. New drugs such as Keytruda are now available to tackle life threatening issues such as melanoma.

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that this all costs money.

There has never been a generation as populous as the Baby Boomers and they are all growing old together.  We have an excellent public health system in New Zealand but there is no way it can fund every last hip operation and advanced drug treatment. To fill the gap you’re going to need health insurance.

Perhaps you have enjoyed excellent health to date and don’t see the need.  Consider getting health cover now before any conditions make themselves known.  Health insurance generally won’t cover pre-existing conditions so the time to take out the policy is before you need it.

And remember – not all health policies are equal.  Some offer extras such as non Pharmac approved drugs, so you aren’t completely reliant on the public system.  It’s worth spending some time sifting through the policy wordings or getting us to do it for you.

If you’d like to take steps to enjoy a longer, healthier life talk to us today.