You may wonder what this has to do with mortgages?

Its simple really. Most of us cannot survive without our wheels, and it’s one common reason for clients needing loan top ups. Having had 2 car accidents in December I am well aware of the inconvenience of being without a car.

Sadly my beautiful Volvo convertible, that I have driven for the past 12 years, was written off, after a male (staff member at the National bank), drove straight into it while parked on Tamaki Drive. Not only did he hit me but managed to send the Volvo with (my little dog) Bella inside, into the back of Fergs Kayaks. In turn the trailer smashed into Fergs car. I’m not sure if the Kayaks survived, but both the Volvo and trailer have been written off.

oops – it\’s dead

Bevan had been using my Toyota Rav as his company car, so that was returned to me quick smart. In this instance I did not have an excess to pay because I was not at fault, so all is well you think?……sadly not.

Roll on to accident no 2:….

It was New Years Eve, and after having purchased a new fishing Kayak for Bella and I to go out and catch snapper in our gorgeous harbour I was frustrated that the kayak was just being driven around looking good on top of the RAV waiting for the perfect opportunity to have its maiden voyage. If you were still in the North Island for Xmas you will recall the weather had packed a sad.

Whilst I was enjoying suddenly sitting up so high in the car, (the sightseeing is so different up there) after the low Volvo for so long, I completely forgot that the Kayak was perched on top of the RAV. An attempt to drive into down town carpark taught me one very important lesson!

Kayaks not only float they can fly! Oops.

This time the car accident cost me the insurance excess and I was left waiting another month before I could test my new Kayak. The Kayak didn’t suffer any damage thank goodness, but the story has kept all of my friends entertained.

We are frequently asked to assist with loan top ups to buy new vehicles. In both accidents I have been lucky and have had a vehicle to fall back on, but some clients are not so lucky, and a loan to buy new wheels is the only option.

We are very conscious that road rules are changing shortly, so to ensure you do not need to make a phone call to us for a loan top up, here is a very quick test that we hope keeps you safe on the roads, and your money in your pocket.

Give way rule quiz

It is only 9 questions and takes just a minute or 2. Bevan and I both scored 8 out of 9 without reading the new rules, so I would recommend you stay clear of little girls driving a Toyota Rav, with either a mountain bike on the back or a Kayak on the roof until I have learnt the last rule and can get 9/9!

Take the test now