Insurance isn’t something you should skimp on. That said, we find many people are over-paying for policies, or even paying for cover they don’t need. In this era of rising interest rates, a ‘spring clean’ of your insurance policies could uncover some useful savings.

It’s not chicken feed, either. Just $10 per month spent on unneeded cover could be applied to your mortgage to save more than $18,000 over the life of your loan. In this era of rising interest rates, that’s a bonus well worth having.

Here are some smart ways to trim your insurance bill:

  • Reduce life cover as your mortgage reduces. Why over-pay for the assurance of a lump sum when the need for it reduces?
  • Cancel cover at age 65, not 70.
  • Change Trauma cover from ‘stand alone’ – this could save you a tidy sum without reducing your overall cover.

I can sit down with you and explain how this all works. It’s not about selling new policies – instead it’s about making sure your insurance matches your real requirements.

Don’t be shy! I can see you hiding, so come on in and we’ll get your insurance sorted for 2017.