This is a difficult topic, because no one likes to think of children suffering life-threatening conditions. But it happens.


  • About 150 Kiwi children are diagnosed with cancer every year.
  • Starship Hospital has 200 beds – and they are usually occupied.
  • If your child were unwell, would you be able to continue working?


The insurance companies have thought about this, and they’ve come up with a good response. A Trauma policy could pay out as much as $250,000 for children under age 16, so you would be free to take as much time off as you needed to get through this difficult time.


Children’s Trauma Insurance can also be very affordable, from just $1 a month per $10,000 of cover.


Think of it as a natural add-on to your own Trauma or Critical Illness cover, so you’ll have the resources to cope as a family.


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