I turned up for an appointment recently and laughed when my client got excited that I had arrived. Her Mum had just purchased her 1st iphone and they wanted to know all of my favourite apps. We spent the 1st half hour talking about the phone!

Apart from the standard, “Mirror” and “torch”  that every phone should have, here are a few of our favourite AP’s and they are all free.

Need to send a document but you arent in the office or at home?

You don’t need to be. This APP turns your phone into a mobile scanner. Scan Pages

Its been a great way for clients to sign and return documents to me.

How did we survive without Shazam?

Sitting in a cafe with friends for lunch, listening to music, and having a great time. The music was outstanding, but what was it?

Shazam takes the guess work out of it. You simply open the APP hold it close to the music and “tag it” What I love about the app, is that it saves your “tags”, so when I’m in need of new music I have a list read to buy, or of course borrow.

Another favourite APP is  Strava

Its a great one for cyclists and runners. A few of my clients are on it, and we have a very friendly rivalry going on.  If you need a challenge and want someone to beat, I’m a pushover. You’ll find me as “Suzi M” I actually find it really inspiring when I see a friend has just ridden 100 km’s around the hills and I’ve only managed a little ride around Woodhill!

Love sudoko but want more of a challenge?

This is one way that I stay in touch with my friends who live off their rental property income and are now away 6mths every year living the dream. We can online chat while playing a game. Bevan and Stu read the paper at lunch time, and fill me in on … the more bad news, while I play words with friends and sudoku.

What are your favourite apps?….we’d love to know and share them.