First it was the T42, Mongolia, and now the “Ride to Conquer  Cancer”

I have a great friend who constantly tells me that New Zealand is just a big adventure playground. How true that is, and over the past year or two I have finally set aside time to start “seeing my own country” as well as throwing in some overseas travel of course.

Last year I wrote about my trip to Mongolia, and also riding the 42 Traverse – Central Plateau. Since then I have been itching to mountain bike everywhere. I have read about tours Mountain Biking in Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Japan, Kenya, or the route of the Vines – France…..Oh so many choices, what to do 1st?

Why choose one? If you know me well then you’ll know that actually I plan to do them all. It’s just a case of when….

So, my latest adventure is now for a good cause.

I have only been a mountain biker not road rider, but I spotted an ad a few months ago for “the ride to conquer cancer”. It is a charity fun ride and not a race (thank goodness) leaving Auckland, and riding out of the city for 100 kms on a Saturday 16th November spending the balance of the day camping, and then riding back into the city another 100 k’s on the Sunday 17th November this year.

My mountain bike rides at Woodhill are usually only a max of 20 ks at a time, so 100 k’s in one day seemed pretty hideously long to me. Can I sit on the seat that long?

My second challenge is that I live in a gorgeous but little apartment, with a serious lack of storage so my bike lives in my spare shower. Visitors to the bathroom get to admire the bike!!

Where on earth could I store a road bike? My friend Spyda came up with a solution. I am now the proud owner of 2 fat boy tyres (actually they are very skinny) that interchange on my bike.

So if you are out of the road early in the morning you may see me riding very slowly around Auckland City. I’m the one that everybody else passes at great speed. I have to remind myself that the ride to conquer cancer is a charity ride and not a race!

How you can help?

I am the least sporty person I know, so if I can ride a bike, I’m sure anybody can. The ride to conquer cancer is a totally charity focused event. As soon as you make a donation the funds are actually credited to The Cancer Society even though the event doesn’t take place until November. So you can either help by sponsoring me and making a donation here:

Enter my name



At this link…  Sue’s donations to help conquer Cancer


or join me on the ride.

Every rider is committed to raising $2500. If neither of these options appeal you could become a volunteer on the weekend. You can read All about the Ride to Conquer Cancer

I consider myself extremely blessed. My mother, sisters, brother and all of my immediate family in Greece are all still alive.  Cancer is not something to have hurt our family.

This is the very reason I want to do this ride. I know I am one of the lucky ones.

I have lost a couple of girlfriends to cancer when they were far too young and also had to watch how devastating it is for their children, beginning their adult lives without their Mum to attend their weddings, meet their grandchildren, watch them grow old.

Even though it is only a small gesture. I’m thrilled to be able to do something to help fund research that we hope will help find a cure. Any help you can give me towards by donating to my ride is very much appreciated.

The last 5 years have certainly been very interesting for me, full of challenges that I proud to say I’ve worked through and the new biking adventures are all part of the new life my business mentor Dr Fred Grosse  is helping me design.

We love to hear what adventures you are designing for yourself, and if we can be of help in anyway, setting plans and budgets, paying off the mortgage early so you can achieve your goals, just let us know.

We would also be thrilled if you would Like us on Facebook   so we can watch and help you meet your challenges and goals and generally having fun.

And, if you can a little donation can go a long way

Suzanna Mihakis   Sue’s Donations  to help Conquer Cancer