Protecting your assets – and your ability to earn – is a vital part of managing your finances.

With over three decades’ experience in helping clients achieve their goals, Sue and her team are ideally placed to spot the gaps in your cover and suggest the best insurance options.

We take a holistic view, based on your life stage and personal circumstances. By understanding your financial and family commitments, we can identify areas of vulnerability. It is surprisingly common for an accident or critical illness to take healthy people out of the workforce, either temporarily or for good. When it happens, you want to be sure there’s a solid but affordable plan to keep things ticking over.

We are always happy to review your cover and make constructive suggestions. Many people have insurance policies that were taken out at an earlier stage of life, and perhaps they don’t need them now – or they need a different mix of policies. The number of people who insure their pets, but neglect to insure themselves, is astonishing!


We don’t charge a cent for assessing your requirements. Here are some of the insurance issues we can help you with:

  • Life insurance – providing for your dependants if you should pass away.
  • Trauma cover – delivering an income if you suffer a serious illness or accident.
  • Disability and mortgage protection insurance – providing the ability to keep your home and maintain your lifestyle if your ability to work is curtailed.
  • Health insurance – giving access to the best treatments if your health declines.



Other ways we can help