A friend of mine had $30000 scammed from his credit card last week, but his credit card limit was only $12000!

It was a pretty elaborate scam involving his mobile number, mobile provider and his emails, so I thought it timely to share these few instructions that came to me from business banking at ANZ last week:


  • Phishing Emails – There are some simple rules that can be help you avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam
  • Never respond to an email that asks for personal or financial information, even if it appears to be from  ANZ;
  • Always phone the bank or visit in person when updating financial & personal details or sent electronically via Secure Mail in Internet banking
  • Keep your computer software up to date & regularly check your home computer for malicious software to ensure that their system is not being scanned for personal details without your knowledge
  • Contact the bank immediately if you feel you have become a victim of phishing
  • Check your financial statements regularly for any unexplained transactions


I’ve  downloaded this book to read over my Christmas break that might help teach me more about protecting myself     http://www.futurecrimesbook.com/