Time is our most important investment

Sue Tierney Mortgages provides a tailored mortgage broking service for people looking to buy residential homes, investment properties and commercial properties.

Our service starts with understanding your financial situation and future goals. We take the time to learn what matters, and then we put together a home loan package that suits. With decades of experience dealing with lenders, Sue and her team can recommend the best range of options.

Sue’s service is built on four special factors you won’t find at the average mortgage broker.

1. We deal direct with the banks

Most mortgage brokers go through a middleman or head office, as the banks don’t want to deal with the nuts and bolts of every application.

But Sue Tierney Mortgages holds direct agreements with all the major banks in New Zealand, due to the volume of business we handle and our reputation for professionalism.

We’ll approach the best lender for your requirements and get an answer in the shortest possible time.

2. Face-to-face service is vital

Whether you’re a busy CEO or a first time buyer from South Auckland, we’ll take the time to meet with you and gain a real understanding of what matters. The phone and email are useful tools, but we believe a face-to-face meeting is the best way to discover all the relevant facts.

Of course, if you live in Sydney or Shanghai, you may not be able to meet so easily, but we’ll still go the extra mile to find out what makes you tick.

3. 100% independent

Sue Tierney Mortgages is independent from any real estate chain or financial institution.

We don’t rely on business sent our way via a ‘friendly’ agent or two. Remember that real estate agents work for the vendor, not the buyer.

Staying independent means we’re under no pressure to facilitate a deal if it’s not in the best interests of our client

4. We know property inside out

Sue started saving for her first property when she was a teenager and has since become a successful property investor, with flats, holiday homes and houses throughout New Zealand.

She knows what it’s like to mow the lawns of a rental on Saturday and hang wallpaper to attract new tenants.

Property ownership has been a fascinating journey, and it’s taught us many things.

Getting the right financial arrangements is only the beginning.

Sue Mihakis-Tierney

Sue Mihakis-Tierney

Principal /Mortgage Advisor

Email: sue@stml.co.nz
Workphone: 09 914 7555
Mobile: 021 776 222
Fax: 09 914 7776
Address: 24 – 26 Pollen Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
Mail Address: Po Box 147 288, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand

Sue eats, sleeps and breathes mortgages and after 30 years in the finance business, is it any wonder?

Sue is the founder of Sue Tierney Mortgages and thrives on sharing her abundant knowledge and expertise as a mortgage and financial services broker with her clients.

Sue’s financial expertise was forged during her time in Christchurch, where she handled day-to-day business and rural accounts for a major bank, and Auckland, where she developed a flair for finding and developing new investment opportunities – establishing her as one of the industry’s top mortgages brokers.

Winner of the 2002 New Zealand Mortgage Broker of the Year Award and former President of the Auckland Property Investors Association, Sue is also a property investor herself – so she understands the need to have good advice and a good information network.

Her passion? Sharing this good advice with others.

1997   Consultant of the month
2000   Top writer of the year
2002   NZMBA Regional mortgage broker of the year award (Northland/North Harbour)
2002   NZMBA Mortgage broker of the year award
2003   Gold award of excellence —$200 million in loans settled
2004   APEX Platinum Achievement
2005   APEX Gold Achievement
2006   APEX Gold Achievement
2007   NZMBA Regional mortgage broker of the year award (Mid Central Auckland)

You want it? We make it happen!

Bevan McShane

Bevan McShane


Email: bevan@stml.co.nz
Workphone: 09 3607766


To most people, the purchase of a home represents the single biggest investment decision during their lifetime.

Most people have to borrow to achieve this goal.  This can be a daunting and time consuming process to both the first home buyer especially if you’re going to shop around.

I know that having worked in the finance industry for 19 years, 9 with a major lender and 10 years as a mortgage broker, I have been subjected to a wide range of borrower needs, so I have every confidence of coming up with the best solution for you.

I gain a huge amount of personal satisfaction in knowing I have helped people achieve their dreams.

My wife Lisa and I have 3 children who are the love of our lives.  With the support of our family network we continue to work hard and play hard.

We are avid property investors and can attest to the great capital gain achieved over the years.  We are secure in the knowledge that we wouldn’t have achieved this through any other investment vehicle.



My Goal is to create sufficient personal wealth to help my children be the best they possibly can and be able to rely on my own financial means for whatever the future may bring.