Winter is normally our quiet time. Most people aren’t looking to buy a house so they don’t go shopping for a mortgage either. But this winter has been different.

I have lost count of the number of phone calls and emails from people who want me to “just have a look” at their finances. From young couples to those looking at retirement, they feel financially frustrated. They’re not in hot water but they feel they’re just living from month to month.

What’s behind this? I have no idea – although the recent talk of recession or house price crashes may be playing on a few nerves. Many are in a good place moneywise, and it’s been great to see how many younger clients are financially savvy. But there’s a real sense that they could be smarter with their money.

This is a good thing. Sitting down with an outsider and going through your finances line by line is a fantastic way to identify opportunities to trim costs. You won’t be worse off – and you may even be better off – if you find ongoing expenses that could be replaced with a superior, cheaper option.

Here’s an example from my own life. By reviewing my own finances I’ve identified monthly savings of $520, primarily from my broadband and telco bills. I’m appalled that the telcos don’t proactively contact customers to let them know they could have a better plan at a lower cost. You have to find these savings yourself – so that’s what I’ve been doing (and helping clients to do).

Mortgage debt is a big deal too. Are there opportunities to refinance or fix at a lower rate? If so, we can talk about that, but in any case, you’ll be reassured you’ve done due diligence on your loan.

Here’s the bottom line. We can get so caught up in daily life that we let our finances drift and end up paying a hefty price years later. My goal is to help you become mortgage-free as soon as possible, so don’t be shy about reviewing your finances. It’s not weird and it’s not hard.


I’m always happy to meet at no charge and look over your finances, even if you’re not looking to buy a property. Or do you have a friend who could do with a helping hand? Send Sue an email.


PS. Some readers have asked if they can forward these emails to friends. Feel free to do just that. In fact, I encourage it!