The days are getting longer and the garden’s looking greener. I find this the ideal season to tidy up around home and clear away clutter.

Many people pay good money for a storage lock-up to hold their surplus possessions. I follow a simple mantra instead: Donate it, dump it or sell it.

Will someone else get good use out of something you no longer need? The City Mission or another charity should be your first port of call. (But bear in mind they have their own requirements, so my size 6 shoes are not on the City Mission’s wanted list.)

Is it broken or obsolete? Look to recycle it, or send it to the dump as a last resort.

Could you turn it into cash? Put it on TradeMe. Even if you advertise that tatty couch for a dollar reserve, and the winning bid is $1.50, then at least you’ve found someone to haul it away.

More often than not, stuff I thought was junk attracts keen buyers. I’ve recently sold old headphones, clothing and a bike. Someone else got a bargain, and I had the joy of letting go.

And that’s what it’s all about, really. To move forward in life, sometimes we need to let go.

Have the kids moved out? Are you thinking of shifting house in the next year or two? Don’t hold onto surplus stuff until you run out of time. Donate it, dump it or sell it now. The cash you raise can be used to pay down debt or treat yourself to something you really want.

In my case, an upcoming reclad means I’ll be moving out some time in the next year. My spring clean has lightened the load, raised some cash and uncluttered my life. Maybe you could do the same.

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