I’ve just returned from Sydney, where I took part in the last of my quarterly seminars with my mentor, Dr Fred Grosse.


Dr Fred has an interesting approach. Instead of treating the end of 2018 as a time for reviewing the year, he uses it to get a head start on the coming year. And a key part of this process is tackling seven thorny questions:


  1. What is my three-year plan for life (including travel plans)?

We all need to avoid the trap of everyday distractions. What are my big, exciting goals? What am I doing to achieve them?


  1. Have I done my reviews?

This includes wills, trusts, banking arrangements, insurances and expenses. Nitty-gritty stuff. But so important.


  1. How much have I got in capital assets?

…and how much will I need in retirement?


  1. Have I completed a health check?

Capital assets mean nothing if you’re not around to enjoy them. How are my bloods, teeth, eyesight and cardiac health? Have I had the recommended screenings for preventable conditions? What about health issues that run in families, such as diabetes and certain cancers?


  1. Is there unfinished business I need to attend to?

This could be anything from jobs around the house to investigating the wishes and plans of aging parents.


  1. Are there relationships that need healing?

This one speaks for itself.


  1. Have I completed my Chart of Accountability?

This is a tool Dr Fred has developed. It’s not something we can go into here, but stay tuned and we’ll explore this subject in more depth next year.


So what do you do now?


You find someone – perhaps Dr Fred, or perhaps another mentor whose message resonates with you. Someone who will help you clarify your life goals and hold you accountable to them.


And if you are interested in exploring these topics in more detail, I have a suggestion. Register now for my 2019 kick-start.


Would you like to take part in a one-day seminar in early 2019 to set yourself up for a great year? I invite you to contact me now.