You may have noticed helpful little buttons popping up on Internet banking. Click now to grab this great rate! Fix your home loan! Act now!

It’s all about creating urgency.

There’s nothing sinister going on. The banks are offering you an easy way to fix your mortgage rate. But it’s worth taking a moment to look at the larger picture.

Your mortgage is much more than your interest rate, and you should take into account all the other factors in your life. Perhaps the best way to understand this is to look at the example of a couple who recently asked me for a comprehensive review of their home loan.

They were planning to start a family, which would mean going down to one income. By looking at their budget we could see that keeping their mortgage repayments at the same level would enable them to maintain their quality of life but still repay their mortgage years ahead of schedule. The net result: thousands of dollars saved in interest, and years off their mortgage term.

At Sue Tierney Mortgages we don’t charge for this advisory service. Helping you become debt-free is our passion. Keep that in mind before clicking on the automated buttons on a bank’s website.

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