They’re both things you wouldn’t indulge in every day – but once a fortnight feels like a real treat.

Why does this matter? Because having something you can look forward to is one of the keys to staying on track to achieving your goals.

Last month I talked about the concept of 10s, i.e. the small daily moments you should build into your routine to make every day a ’10 out of 10 day.’ This is a concept my mentor Dr Fred Grossehas instilled.

But we need more than those daily 10s to energise us. We need something that Dr Fred calls ‘25s.’

A 25 is a fortnightly highlight. It can be anything at all, but it must be something you anticipate with pleasure – and something you wouldn’t appreciate so much if you did it every day.

A pedicure, a fantastic meal at a restaurant, a morning on your kiteboard or mountain bike, a meet-up with a mate at the Film Festival. They can all be 25s.

25s really come into their own during winter. If you’re someone who loves skiing, then winter will be your happy time, but I find many people struggle to stay positive when they’re trudging through drab, rainy days. Having a 25 in your diary is a powerful way to boost your mental health and keep operating at your best.

Volunteering with Lifeline has only underscored the importance of this simple but profound concept. I’ve learned that one of the foundations of good mental health is the ability to look beyond the everyday and find joy in anticipating the future. By consciously building in a regular (but not too frequent) reward, we empower ourselves to grab opportunities and stay focused on achieving our long-term goals.

And isn’t that what life is all about?

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