There is no huge secret – it’s embarrassingly simple.


So why do some people manage to become mortgage-free in a few years while others on the same income somehow never get out from under their debt? Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.


  1. Pay bills on time so you don’t end up with pointless extra charges.
  2. Be smart with interest. A car loan over three years may come with a higher interest rate compared to ‘putting it on the mortgage’, but you will pay far less interest compared to the 30-year term of a home loan.
  3. Check you’re being paid correctly.


This last point is fascinating. I’ve seen two clients recently who were missing out because their pay was incorrectly calculated. They only realised this when I noticed the numbers on their loan applications did not match their pay slips.


No one will care about your money the way you do, so take the time to check everything’s in order with your pay. (You can do a quick check here.)


Simple checks like this – combined with a realistic budget – can help you knock down that mortgage in double-quick time, without having to live like a miser.


People often say to me, “I don’t want the mortgage to ruin my lifestyle.”


I say, think about the lifestyle you could have if you didn’t have a mortgage.


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