It’s a boring word – budgeting.

Actually, budgeting isn’t boring at all. It’s beautiful. It’s the key to living a wonderful, happy life, where you spend money on the things that add value and bring you joy, while steadily paying down debt.

Or if you’re looking to buy your first home, budgeting will put you on the path to saving a viable deposit. That’s a great feeling, too.

I’ve been in business for 35 years and it’s been fascinating to see the way people approach budgets. I think millennials get a bad rap – many young people I know have a really good handle on their finances. But it’s also true that there are plenty of people (of all ages) who just live week to week.

There’s a tendency to blame schools but I think parents are the real key here. When I was 10 my parents planned a trip back to Greece to visit family and meet my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time. I was told I would need to save all my own spending money, so I gave up sport, got a weekend job and saved my money. It taught me a vital lesson at a formative age.

Do you have children who you would love to see on the path to home ownership? Are you a bit sick of never getting ahead? Vanessa and I have worked with a number of clients (thanks guys, you know who you are!) to develop a smart budgeting tool. It’s getting great results for the clients who use it.

Here’s the best part – there’s no cost. We’re happy to sit down with you, free of charge, to help you get a grip on your finances, and create a budget to achieve your goals.

 We’re always here to help you sort out personal finances with the help of our free budgeting tool.