If you’re anything like me, your inbox is full to overflowing. So I thought I should take the time to explain why I send out these emails every month.


A big part of my job is keeping you informed. 


Yes, we love working with you to arrange a mortgage and setting up your loans. But it’s not just about finding the best rate and taking care of the paperwork. As advisers, we have a legal and moral duty to do the right thing by our clients. And a big part of that is checking in regularly.


So thank you for reading this. It’s really important to stay in touch, and I enjoy sharing financial tips and experiences with you. (You’re also welcome to forward this email to anyone you know who might find it useful.)


Keeping you informed includes the big-picture stuff, like sharing views on interest rates and the Reserve Bank rules. It can also be tips to help keep more cash in your pocket so you can get rid of your mortgage sooner, and live the life you want to live.


In this spirit I’d like to tell you about a mobile app I discovered recently.


I recently heard about Gaspy on a TV story about petrol prices. It’s a free app that simply tells you where the cheapest fuel is in your area.


Within a fortnight Gaspy had saved me $70. Apparently I work near one of Auckland’s cheapest petrol stations, and I had no idea. Now it’s my regular filling station.


Imagine saving $140 every month on fuel. That’s around $1,600 a year, give or take. Apply that sum to paying off debt, and you will soon be in a much better financial position. And you won’t have to sacrifice any quality of life.


Do try Gaspy and tell me if it improves your finances. Let me know about any other clever apps or tips, too. I’d love to share them with all the readers of this newsletter.


Do you have some great money-saving tips? Would you like to work with Sue to get the most from your money? Get in touch