With the gorgeous summer weather its a great time to enjoy our city, reconnect with great friends, and family. Many of us have witnessed first hand the stress that the financial crisis has caused others. I personally have wanted to catch up with some friends but need to be mindful of the fact that the catch up may have to be at little financial cost. Something as simple as a movie is not always in the budget, so with that in mind here is a link to free movies being provided by Auckland City Council at various locations in Auckland this year, and even better if its fun, free and can involve friends and family.
movies in parks
I am particularly thrilled to see our New Zealand films being shown. Home by Christmas was distributed by my flatmate Gordon, Boy was loved by so many, and of course The Rocky Horror Picture show is being presented. (which I still have not seen!). If you intend to go and watch it, I will probably see you there.

For those of us that enjoy music the Auckland City Council have even offered a series of free musical events. You can check these out at Music in Parks I was lucky enough to go along to Auckland Zoo recently, and despite the rain the Dave Dobbyn concert was outstanding!

It was great to see the OCR left as is last month. It has now been 3% since 29th July 2010, and some commentators are picking that it will be left alone until late this year. For that reason we do not see any urgency fixing mortgages at present. The floating rate is most often the lowest rate. If you have any expected changes happening in your household and you feel the need for certainty please do not hesitate to contact us. Both Bevan and I believe in the need to be able budget and monitor your cashflow so there are always situations that require a fixed mortgage. Just call us on 09 9147555 or email sue@stml.co.nz The next review is not until 10th March, and it will be a live telecast if you want to watch it and hear the questions from reporters. The link will be up soon but this should lead you to it :
OCR live telecast

We are always mindful of the fact that to become financially free we need to make and save more than we spend. If you have any great practical ideas on how to reduce your expenses we would love to hear of them and share them with others.

Feel free to email one of the team sue@stml.co.nz