Sentinel Lifetime Loans

Opening Doors To Income Possibilities
You Probably Never Thought You Had

Given the “love affair” New Zealanders have with their home and properties, Sentinel’s Lifetime Loans is one way to turn what is still your “castle” into your very own personal bank.

As a lump-sum payment, the Lifetime Loan can be used for whatever you want or need including home improvements, buying a new car, taking a holiday, paying for a special wish like a grandchild’s university education, or even for an urgent operation in a private hospital facility.

Lifetime Loans are designed to last you the rest of your life – usually they will be repaid only when you die or move into long term care. You are provided with a lump sum using your home as security and, apart from the initial valuation fee, you will not have to make any payments for the life of the loan. Unlike traditional loans there are no monthly repayments – in fact there is nothing to pay until you decide to sell the house or upon your death.

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