We have received this email today and felt compelled to share it with you all. Penny and Lucy you are amazing and we will be helping….

Dear Friends

We want to help the people of Christchurch.

We are reaching out to our friends to send boxes of essential non perishable goods from families in Auckland to families in Christchurch. I am sending this email to 50 Friends, hoping you could you please forward this email to 10 of your friends and ask each of them to fill a box. So that put simply 50 friends x 10 friends = 500 FRIENDS. The aim is together we will reach 500 friends so we’ll have 500 filled boxes with food and love to donate to the people of Christchurch.

So far in less than 24 hours we are amazed at the generosity, and with one person saying YES , it has turned from an idea to reality.
A 20 foot container and transport and fuel have kindly been donated. (Thanks to Eddy at Eagle Transport in Tauranga)
Waiwera Water has generously donated more bottled water that will also be sent down to Christchurch in the container and Allied Pickford thank you for the 500 plus boxes that are on the way to us today.

The plan is:
· 500 standard sized boxes have been kindly donated by Allied Pickford. Each box is 500mm wide x 420mm high x 260mm deep (roughly 2 wine boxes in size)
· the boxes can be filled with non-perishable goods (a list of items recommended by Christchurch ground staff is below)
· the container will be at a downtown Auckland location (location TBC) on Friday 4th March (from lunchtime until late afternoon), Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March (the exact times and location will be on the boxes). We will also confirm this via email in the next few days.
· we can deliver 10 boxes to you on Wednesday (tomorrow) and Thursday for you and your friends to fill and drop off at the container in downtown Auckland or please bring goods to this location to pack (we will provide tape and empty boxes)
· we want to photograph some of the boxes and put the photos on our facebook page so please put messages, pictures of love, hope and support on or in the boxes
· the container will be transported down next week to the New Brighton distribution centre and the amazing people at the RANGIORA EARTHQUAKE EXPRESS have provide advice and assistance to make this possible www.rangioraearthquakeexpress.com

You being one of our friends we would really like your help. So 500 FRIENDS has started.

The people at RANGIORA EARTHQUAKE EXPRESS assisting with helping the people of Christchurch have stressed that most of following items would be really beneficial. Please try to adhere to the following list:
12 x Canned food – baked beans, tuna, salmon, spaghetti
2 x packets of dry soup
2 x 2 minute noodles
2 x Dried food – rice, pasta (500gm packets)
2kgs Cereal – Weetbix
2 x Tube of Toothpaste
2 x Toothbrushes
4 x Bars of soap – personal
1 x Shampoo (please wrap in a plastic bag in case it leaks)
1 x Conditioner (please wrap in a plastic bag in case it leaks)
2 x Wet Ones (packet)
1 x Dog/cat Food (dry food) *
1 x Deodorant
1 x Tea towel
4 x Roll of toilet paper
2 x Paper towels
1 x Tea bags or coffee (packet)
2 x Rubbish bags (pack)
2 x Box of matches
1 x Can opener
1 x Packet of Lollies (no chocolate it will melt)
1 x Sanitary pads (packet) *
1 x tampons (packet) *
1 x Tin of baby formula *
Please put messages, pictures of love, hope and support in the boxes for families in need

A photo of all the food that you can fit into one of the boxes is below. We shopped at New World and the above items cost about $150, which included baby formula which cost about $25.

An inventory of the above items are attached to the side of each box. Can you please tick off the items in your box as this will facilitate easy distribution of the boxes in Christchurch. If you don’t have time we can make a box on your behalf for a donation of $150. Please email me on ph@pennyhay.co.nz if this is how you would like to help.

So we are asking with BIG hearts that you please get involved and get back to me with hopefully a YES that you can take 10 boxes…or even more if you wish. We want this to get there fast!!
Please get back to me today (Tuesday) if you would like us to deliver 10 empty boxes or you can arrange a central pick up with us.

Many thanks with love and hope for the Christchurch people.


Penny Hay Phone: 473 6031 or 021 678 252 Email: ph@pennyhay.co.nz
Lucy McKenzie Phone: 473 5052 Email: lucyestelle@gmail.com