Another theme appeared to be the need to return to working from home instead of a leased office. Not only does it save on the extra expense of what can sometimes be an expensive office, but it also means less time on travel to and from work. However not everybody has the space to set aside a room as an office so I have asked friends Andrew and Sarah King to share their latest business and how it might help some one that you know.

Roommate Cabin Office frontIf you have office space difficulties. a client of ours may have a new and clever solution to your problems. RoomMate Cabins can be hired as a separate work place that is placed on your own property.

These cabins could ideally suit those who work from home but have outgrown their current space or are looking to save money on their existing office arrangements.

When your home based office space gets too small or starts to interfere with family life, RoomMate Cabins can provide an option before looking at serviced or leased offices, which can be less convenient, inflexible and expensive.

Hired office space at your own property retains all the benefits of a home office with the added bonus that work doesn’t intrude on your personal space and helps provides a demarcation between home and work. You can lock your cabin up when finished for the day and are less likely to stray back into the office later. You gain a separation from work life without the nasty commute home.

RoomMate Cabins are a modern and professional design, being a generous 3.6m x 2.4m in size, sufficient for most small office requirements.

RoomMate Offices Layout alternative

Cabins are fully insulated with Batts in the walls and ceilings plus underfloor foil insulation. They are supplied with carpet, lights and two double powerpoints.

There are no council permits required as the cabin is movable, doesn’t have water connections and is under 10 square metres.

Electricity is provided via a supplied cable which plugs into any standard three pin electric socket, incorporating an RCD electrical safety switch.

The weekly rental of just $49.50 to $55.00 per week (plus gst if applicable) is fully tax deductible if used for business purposes.

Just one phone call to 0800 111 344 or an email to could see your problems gone and your new office delivered the following day.