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Sadly many property investors self manage their properties because they don’t want to pay a property managers fee. At the same time they don’t bother doing the 3 monthly inspections.

My own house insurance policy states that I must prove we have completed  3 monthly inspections, so my property managers all complete reports and include photographs for me. Without this,  the insurance would be invalid.

Discovering you’re rental property has been used as a P lab  would have to be you’re worst nightmare as a landlord wouldn’t it?

Read all about one landlords experience here….. P Lab.


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How often do you inspect your property?

I know many people who manage their rentals themselves – and do a great job too. When owners are doing inspections, they are usually looking with a very practical eye at their investment as well as keeping it in optimum condition for their tenants.

Some tenants like the fact that they are dealing directly with the owner – the person who decides the rent & authorizes work. Many are on very friendly terms with their landlords. Because of this they don’t always do inspections as regularly as professional property managers & this can lead to problems in the long run.

Owners like ‘good’ tenants who pay their rent & aren’t constantly calling them with small issues. But what if these ‘good’ tenants forget to tell you about the leaking tap or the broken smoke detector?

Is your insurance company going to cover you for remedial work if you haven’t been doing regular inspections? You might want to check the fine print on your insurance policy. Done properly, a regular quarterly inspection should achieve the following:


  • Confirm that the tenants are looking after your property & gardens
  • Bring to your attention any maintenance that hasn’t been completed or new issues that need attending to
  • Check that tenants are adhering to the terms of their tenancy agreement
  • Show the tenants that you take the management of your investment seriously
  • Indicate to the tenants that you are committed to providing them quality premises – they are respected & involved

A professional property manager is obliged under contract to do regular inspections. If you choose a good property manager, they will know what to look for at your property and will be your eyes & ears on the ground – pro-actively addressing issues before they become major maintenance problems. They will also be a middle man – tenants may not want to risk offending the owner directly, but will happily discuss it with a third party.

A great property manager will make the time to meet with you to discuss the individual requirements for your property. Getting the experts to manage your investment could be a great investment in itself.

Even if you decide to do the managing yourself, make sure you carry out regular inspections – you will reap the rewards in the long run.

If you prefer to have a property manager – Karen Withers owns & operates Nexus Property Management,  a Ponsonby-based residential property management company. It offers personalized service and a practical, pro active approach to property management. Servicing the Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay & St Mary’s Bay area. Karen also owns rental properties in Ponsonby.


Property Management – the way it should be                        www.nexuspm.co.nz